Tabletop Adventures – Crown of Fire: Part 1

This game is based in the Hackmaster system.

Character Guide:

Jacques: A dusk elf priest. Known for his cautious and reverent nature. Often the voice of reason in the group.

Enzo: A dusk elf ranger. Hides his crusader armor beneath a tattered cloak. Headstrong.

Royer Honeyfinger: a halfling (Tunlad) thief-mage. Spry, witty and a braggart. Pretends to be a locksmith.

Joven: a dwarven battle-cleric. Comrade and steadfast ally of Enzo, after serving in the crusades of the orc lands.

In the heartland of Aelfren

Mists rise, the swamp -a decrepit wetland just across from the rather bustling town of Lien, dormant now in midnight slumber, seems to grow quiet. Too quiet. From the rivers edge pale forms emerge, lank hair and sunken eyes as they stumble forward into the waterside town. Before the alarm can be raised the screams begin, but it is too late. Degath, the Decaying God, was reaping his dues.

That’s it! We’re sick of your solicitations and pyramid schemes! We’re coming over there!

Weary with sore feet and bags under eyelids, our heroes crest the hill above Lien before the sun rises, only to find the wailing ruin. Seeing the smoke and dead dragging bodies into the water, they are hit with guilt. Because this, was all their fault.

[Jacques makes a firm decision to avoid the town and push to the hill adjacent, where the Church of the Three Divines watches over Lien. Beside him, Royer, Enzo, Joven, agree fervently]

The group precariously made their way around the town, shutting their ears to the somber shuffle of the dead, dragging their prey from their homes.

After arriving at the waterside, Jacques and Enzo realize the shambling ghouls were trying to locate them and laid low, while Royer shimmied down the rope across the river to bring the ferry. Bragging all the way of course, being the incessant asshole he is. Just as the halfling hopped onto the platform to bring the ferry back to the side of Lien, a furious splashing erupted by the town: the ghouls had found the other group.

Screaming at Royer, who realized he couldn’t even reach the rope to pull the ferry across, Enzo thought quickly and began to pull it back (with the rope they tied onto royer), nearly ripping the halfling into the ghoul-infested water.

[Using a leaping spell, Royer could have been a jetski, rocketing back onto the ferry and avoiding being dragged down by dead hands to the river bottom]

MaƱana, zombie bitches

Narrowly avoiding an untimely death by the hands of the ghouls, the group moved across to the swamp end, where the reek of undead was overpowering yet. Shivering and paranoid, they began their exodus southward from the sight of the town. Royer cursing himself for lacking the bravery to loot the ransacked town, while the rest grimly regarded Lien.

It was not some random settlement. They knew people there. Even friends. And now the occupants of Lien had become a feast of flesh. All because they opened that damned tomb to Degath just a few nights prior. Despite the fervor to strike back at the unholy force, summon the Church to defeat the undead horde and restore humanity to the land, they had other priorities.

We understand that we done messed up your honor.

[Jacques and — dwarf had been cursed upon entering the tomb, failing to realize that they would age quickly inside. Now they were both elder, with — dwarf being quite senile]

The party made it for the forest, darting across the marshy terrain swiftly before landing on the road upon the next morning. Glancing at their cursed companions, they knew it to be of an ancient arcane source. The Church would not have the power to remove this, only a wielder of an arcane. A mage.

Yeah optimism? Nah. I can only see a downhill slope and trickery in our future

Over the canopy of trees, an ancient structure rises. A crumbling sentinel, a wizard tower. It could prove helpful, though rumor was hedge wizards were absolutely bat-shit crazy. But would it hold the secrets to reverse the curses?

Stay tuned for the next part of Crown of Fire!

Whew. Takes you 20+ years to realize how hot (and egregiously time consuming) summers can be…in a desert, which I somehow always forget.

I have to admit, though I’ve taken some time since my last post, I’m quite certain it was a rather good thing. Since April, many a project has been completed, as well some personal achievements have been met. Namely, the second draft for the second installment of the Saga of Aelorad, The King of Silver. Which I will be dropping a post on here (very shortly) on when it will be released! Woot!

So what is this story? My good friends and I (miraculously still tolerating each other) have had some great adventures over the years with our tabletop games (D&D, Cyperpunk, Wild West, etc.) which was what originally inspired my book series and this blog. I think it’s time to document that world of chaos and debauchery to ours.

So this set of tales, based on our Crown of Fire game will hopefully be a fun bit of retelling of our cumulative tabletop adventures. As always, feel free to leave a comment below. And thank you for reading!


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