This project, named after my new fantasy series (Saga of Aelorad) is designed to help excite fans of the upcoming series, focus on new characters that help illustrate the world beyond the characters of my book, and bring about a reboot of the classic fantasy genre.

About the creator: Born in the little village of Escondido, Calfornia I was in fact raised in the dry, yet frigid area of Utah. There, I learned to love reading and writing. By kindergarten I had read the first three Harry Potter books and was able to summarize it accurately. Fantasy was the birthplace of my fascination with literature, and while I have grown to love historical fiction, biographies and the like, it remains my favorite genre.

Unmarried, and still young compared to most authors, I strive to read a novel a week if possible. My hobbies are many

If I had to name my inspiration to write by my favorite authors I would name thus: Karen Traviss for her amazing work and creation of the Mandalorian culture in the Republic Commando Series, Bernard Cornwell in the graphic and wonderful storytelling of the Hundred Years war, George RR Martin for his drive to create a masterpiece inspired by the brutal events of medieval history, and Daniel Silva for his brilliant approach to both contemporary and modern espionage.

And of course JRR Tolkein, who remains to be topped as my favorite author. While his writing voice may not be my favorite, his ability to create is unsurpassed.